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The Easter Bunny brought me Brokeback Mountain. Somewhere a fundamental Christian is crying.

Also, I have a Sound of Music dress for Honor Society and the Washington picture and so on. If I were going to Austria instead of Italy this summer we'd all be in trouble. In celebration I watched the Sound of Music last night, and let me tell you that Captain Von Trap's politics look a lot more self-centered and aristocratic when considered in light of German history. If he had just been more anti-Nazi and less pro-Austrian it wouldn't have been so pathetic. I mean, we're talking decorated naval hero from the first world war...i.e. the war when Austria-Hungary was completely shrunk down. Also - I'm not sure that I would personally want to climb the Alps going into Switzerland. I don't know what the Swiss attitudes towards groups of nine travelers would have been but given that it was not something that an invading army would ever want to try...Also I'm a big fan of the Nazi-butler subplot that is so, so important to the story but is handled just right with about one line and one significant shot. In general, I really want to read a book on the real Von Trap family but I'm afraid that if I do I'll end up hating the movie because it's inaccurate.

Other shopping yesterday yielded a semi-dress for Kitty, a realization on my part that I really want a prom dress that is kind of gathered in the skirt, the Farscape miniseries which I still have not seen, a promise from my mother to rent Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, very cute cheap underwear courtesy of the $1 sale at Fashionbug, and a further realization on my part that it is not safe to let me loose in Barnes and Noble, because I will be tempted to buy the entire store. And that book about Catherine de Medici would so have been review for the AP Euro test.


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