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So I had no dance rehersal yesterday and only one hour today, and I feel like I have all the time in the world. In other words, dance has taken over my life.

School is pretty much over. I feel so unfocused right now. There's a lot of crap that I want to do with my free time but I keep butting heads with mom over it. If I want to clean up my room and bake she has yard work for me to do. If I want to watch a movie and help during the commercials (and comedy central is incapable of showing more than ten minutes of actual programming without going to a commercial break) she has work that she needs to do right this second but nothing during the commercials.

In other news, Bad Santa is a hysterical movie. Bubble Boy is less so, but Jake Gyllenhaal is really growing on me as an actor. (Also, coincidence that comedy central aired Bubble Boy and then followed it up with Ten Things I Hate About You? I think not.) I've decided that ninety percent of my problems in life can be traced to over-identifying with Kat but not actually having any of her baggage and therefore actually wanting a relationship. It's probably a good thing that I got close to Mal this year or I'd be in a nuthouse by now. Solidarity among the lifelong (so far) singles.

Also the lack of direction thing is not my fault - it runs in the family.
Setting: The dinner table.

Dad: I should have known better than to buy catfish above the Mason-Dixon line.
Me: What, are you going to drive to Maryland next week to buy fish?
Kitty: Maryland isn't below the Mason-Dixon line!
Dad: I'm sending you to a different school next year.

So the obliviousness is just genetic. And it is therefore not my fault.
*surreptitiously tries to find a way to start up the Sims again without getting bitched out by mom for lo I have discovered the boolprop cheats*

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