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I had some suspicions after seeing "Lazarus Rising" that a God's perception of what is good would probably not line up with Dean's. After seeing 4.02 this is smelling increasingly like a Vorlons and Shadows situation to me. Now I'm not very familiar with the mythology that the show is drawing on here, but Dean's theodicean comments are definitely making me think that he might find the priorities and motivations of the forces of light very troubling. He may not hate God and his angels as much as demons, but I think he might find them terrible in their own way. The scene where Dean demanded extra protection from the angel and was shot down because the angels are already stretched thin was particularly striking to me in this light. Already, the priorities of God are not those of the man who he has chosen to be his warrior. The way that Ruby ran away from the angel saying that she didn't think that it would care whether or not she wanted to help it reminded me of when the Vorlons started killing entire worlds just because the shadows had been there on Babylon 5. Of course that could just be Ruby being ambiguous in her loyalties, but I hope it isn't. I really think it would be interesting to see the hard realities of the world the Winchesters live in reflected in the guy who is in charge of that world. After all, it's a world where those who sacrifice in order to protect the innocent and unaware have to walk so close to the darkness that they fight that they can end up in hell rather than heaven. There's no magic switch here, no salvation based on being a good person.

I know a lot of people have been saying that this season could end up with the brothers facing off against each other, but I see the foundation being laid for them to try and stand together in the face very strong opposing forces that want them to champion their causes. Actually I think that would be quite cool. Two brothers caring more about each other than a war between heaven and hell and the end of the world.


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