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So I've been thinking about Dollhouse's impending end, and I'm finally beginning to reconcile to it a bit. When Serenity came out it was good, but I felt cheated, like I would have preferred to see the story slowly revealed over several seasons. I've heard a couple of people comment on the breakneck pace that we've been getting with Dollhouse for the last couple of episodes, and I think that the plot developments work better because the writers know that they need to wrap things up quickly. There's a basic difference between Firefly and Dollhouse, which is that Firefly's individual episodes that didn't move the plot forward were incredibly entertaining and though-provoking. I really feel that by canceling it, Fox stole several years of top notch television from me. In contrast, Dollhouse was at best average when it was doing episodes that focused on engagements. It tended to use plot devices that have been done over and over again, and done much better elsewhere. But the overarching plot, the questions about who Caroline was and what Rossum's goals are make a very entertaining story, one that is probably better served by the intense focus that's it getting due to the cancellation. This season of Dollhouse has been so much better than the previous one in part because the writers aren't trying to make it last longer than it should.


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