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So several weeks into the fiasco of trying to get my macbook fixed in the UK, I have finally managed to catch up on the last three Supernatural episodes. I don't have many thoughts, just general squee for Jensen Ackles' crazy lip syncing and air guitaring/drumming and on Metamorphosis.

So, has the crazy guy who tried to burn the wife alive not heard of abortion? I'm not saying that having an insane nutjob force one on you is the happiest experience in the world, but it's probably better than being burned alive. And while burning the house down around them destroys the evidence better than leaving a witness alive does, it's obvious there was something very wrong with the husband and I don't think it would have taken too much to convince the wife that her child might also turn into a crazy man-eating monster. Barring that, no one would believe her story if she went to the authorities and Dean got out of being wanted for several murders, so it seems reasonable that the old hunter could at the very least retire and go into hiding if she tried to get revenge or press charges. Hunters are generally supposed to be in the business of saving people, not killing innocent bystanders to cover their asses.

I think the episode as a whole would have been more effective if that the older hunter had been more of a rational but cold counterpart to Sam's compassion, instead of just batshit, ineffective, and beyond the bounds of what it's okay for a hunter to do.

Actually it occurs to me that an awful lot of the hunters that Sam and Dean meet are a bit on the crazy/over-zealous side, and that they all tend to die from that shortly after meeting Sam and Dean. Which quite frankly seems a bit off, statistically speaking. Not that I'm actually going to do math to prove this or anything.


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