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So I watched Torchwood earlier this year. Children of Earth was amazing. The rest...let's just say that I was not impressed by half of the plots being driven by Jack being completely incompetent at running a secret organization. I nominate him for management, common sense, and ethics classes.

Things that Jack might want to reconsider in the set-up of his super secret organization: )

Doctor Who can get away with completely nonsensical plots because of its whimsical tone. I don't think the shift in tone with Torchwood gave it the same license, which is why I largely don't think the series worked. Children of Earth does a lot better because it engages with the kind of questions that suit darker works, and uses a much more solid plot to do it.

My other issue with this show is that Russell T. Davies equates sex with adulthood, apparently to the exclusion of things like maturity and responsibility. Sex is only one part of adulthood, and watching characters fumble through with the same sense of ethics and maturity that I see in shows about teenagers is just frustrating for me, especially when I know that the show was designed specifically to be an adult alternative to Doctor Who.

In short: I can take a completely ridiculous plot when it comes packaged in funny, but when you're trying to be serious I expect the plot to hold together.
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There is nothing more disconcerting than taking a break from the Agatha Christie episode of Doctor Who to go for a run down country-ish roads behind your new apartment complex and running past bee hives and a giant metal bee.


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